Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes I just want chocolate

 I felt like I was cheating, using my favorite tea cup for hot chocolate!   It was cold and blowing snow outside and chocolate was calling me.  The only chocolate I had here was the Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate mix and it was good. It warmed me up while I poored over the pages of the latest issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.  I love when this one comes in the mail (along with my two other favorites Tea Time and Victoria.) I fix myself a cup of tea (usually) and have a nice break looking through my favorite magazines.   Good thing for me, and my family, that they don't all come on the same day or dinner would be very late!  My tea cup survived and is now washed and ready for tomorrow afternoon's ritual of tea.  Maybe I'll have to pick up some chocolate on the way home from work? 

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