Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Craft Fair Busy-ness

Sorry I haven't posted in so long.  I've been busy, busy, busy.  Who isn't this time of year?  My daughter and I just did a craft fair.   I haven't done one in a couple of years so I was kind of out of the swing of things.  But I want to show you some pics of how it looked.  

We didn't do as well as we had hoped, but our desire to do this was not crushed by it.   I will take what didn't sell to my space at the market and then plan for next years craft fairs.   We didn't get in on the game early enough to book more than one this year.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


When my DH and I were first married, 28 years ago, we didn't have much.  But we enjoyed what we had and one of those things was this old radio.  

 This was in the early 80's and everyone of our friends had the latest electronics and the music to go with it.   We had this vintage radio that we listened to Saturday Night Oldies on, every Saturday night.  We loved it.

Yes it still works.  It takes a couple of minutes to warm up, but it works.   It gets most of its use now during the Christmas season as I sit at the dining room table doing crafts, this old thing blares out the songs of the season.   I am constantly telling the grands "don't touch" as they love turning these old knobs, see the fingerprints!    

Ahhh, memories.   

And look at this beautiful black and white transferware teacup!  Man I fell in love with it right away.   I found this for .50 at a garage sale!  The brass stand was free at another garage sale and the silver folding tray was yet another garage sale find for a couple of bucks! - score!  

 I hope you enjoyed this and the other vintage thingies that are on display at http://coloradolady.blogspot.com/

I am also joining http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com/ for her Garage Sale'n Party on Friday! 

Thank you for stopping by!   I really do enjoy your comments.   If you like what you see here, please feel free to follow my blog.   We can do this blogging journey together! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm doing it!

I've rented space at American Classics ~ the largest antique mall in Colorado.  I am so excited!  The first week I sold a couple of things and already have a check.  It's a small space but I took what I could get.  I'll see how things go for the next few months and if need be I will get on the waiting list for a bigger space.  Come visit me, vendor C21, at American Classics in Colorado Springs. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vanity Chair

I bought a simple round tablecloth at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago with no real plans for it.  You know how that goes.  I think I paid fifty cents for it.  Here is what I did with it:   

I draped it over my metal vanity chair and gathered it together in the back.  Then I pinned the white rose on.
You can see that I put a white toilet seat cover over the seat and voila - a cute vanity chair. You can see other Show and Tell items at  http://romantichome.blogspot.com/2010/08/show-and-tell-friday

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kitchen Utensils

This is just a part of some old kitchen utensils that I have displayed in my
kitchen. I've picked them up at yard sales, estate sales, antique stores
and some were given to me. Kind of fun, especially the shadow box
with the old recipes and labels in it.  
Be sure to check out  http://www.coloradolady.blogspot.com/
or click on the bird on my side bar to see other fun vintage things. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

I went to this Garage Sale

and look what I found!  I've been looking for a tea cart and I found this one for $10.00.  I like embroidered pillows and this one matches the blue in my room.  And I have a plan for the white tablecloth that does not involve a table.  I will show you later after I do it and take pictures.   The teapot is beeauuutiful!  I wish it had cups to go with it.   I spent less than $20.00 for all of it.
Keep on hunting - you never know what treasure you will find!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A tisket, a tasket, I've got a writing basket ~

I was inspired by a few "letter ladies" I know to use a picnic basket to hold my writing supplies.  Their baskets are beautiful,  and I was gifted with a basket of my own to decorate and use.  So here is what I've done with it - Thank you Debbie and Rebecca for sharing your creative idea with me. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I finally painted the cherubs I had bought some time ago at the Goodwill.  I love their little faces.  I added glitter to their wings, you can't tell unless you look close.  Now to find a place to hang them!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Isn't it cute!

I was out treasure hunting and look what I found!  Isn't it cute. I've not seen one like this before and since I like "minis"  I was all excited.  Silly I know, but it is the cutest thing! 

I also found this tea set.   I think it's pretty.  Kind of garden feel, and the cups are different than regular tea cups.  I like the cut outs on the bottom.  I don't know what that is called, I'm sure there is a term for it. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This'll "blow" you away

Check out this old hand held hair dryer.  I don't know how old it is...in my research I got very sidetracked looking at other stuff.   It still works and although it probably won't "blow" you away as my title suggests,  I still thought it was a catchy title for a hair dryer.   It has two settings, cold and hot and its heavy.   My husband got it from his mom before we were married (27 years ago).   I'm guessing it's from the 50's, based on finding something similar on ebay.  Check out some other cool vintage things by visiting http://www.coloradolady.blogspot.com/ or click on the bird on the side bar.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vintage Bible

I just wanted share this beautiful old bible that my nephew gave me.  It's tattered and worn, but that's the way bibles should be right?  See the printing year?  1865.  It's romantic to think where this bible has been and what it's gone though.   If bibles could talk I wonder what it would say?  There is a portion of a sermon from D.L. Moody glued in the front.   Did this old bible go to tent meetings?  I wonder.  Did it travel with someone on a wagon train?  Who knows.    How many souls were saved and lives changed because of it? 
If you would like to see other beautiful vintage things visit  ColoradoLady.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting with it!

I am sure I'm not the only one who has projects that have been started and for some reason or another have not finished them.  It bugs me.  I complain that I just don't have time then just looking at the unfinished project makes me feel guilty.   I've found that if I just take the time to work on the project even for just 20 - 30 minutes, I can get it done.  And I feel good about it.  Even if I don't finish in that time at least I've made progress.  I can find the time, I might do it in front of the TV, or using a little self-discipline, don't allow myself computer time until I've worked on it.  So with that, today I am starting a weekly post about something that I've put off and have now put on again.   Join me if you like and tell me about it.  I can share your link with others so they can see you getting with it too.  Please leave a link to this blog on your post.

Here is my first "getting with it" project.   I had started recovering my dining room chairs last June and got side tracked, some good reasons, some not.  Doesn't matter. They were wearing thin, I few years ago I fell in love with some tablecloths I found at Walmart and recovered my chairs with them!   I really liked how it looked with the wood.   But, tablecloths are not meant to stand up to the wear and tear that my dining room chairs receive.  So I had 5 of eight chairs recovered with new material 

and  I got busy and finished those 3 chairs in less than 1 hour.   Now I am  not a professional but I think they turned out beautiful.  Just don't look underneath!    This upholstery fabric I picked up at a yard sale for I think $10.00.   What a deal! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes I just want chocolate

 I felt like I was cheating, using my favorite tea cup for hot chocolate!   It was cold and blowing snow outside and chocolate was calling me.  The only chocolate I had here was the Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate mix and it was good. It warmed me up while I poored over the pages of the latest issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.  I love when this one comes in the mail (along with my two other favorites Tea Time and Victoria.) I fix myself a cup of tea (usually) and have a nice break looking through my favorite magazines.   Good thing for me, and my family, that they don't all come on the same day or dinner would be very late!  My tea cup survived and is now washed and ready for tomorrow afternoon's ritual of tea.  Maybe I'll have to pick up some chocolate on the way home from work? 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Black Beauty

I found this beautiful black cup in a little antique store at the market in Seattle. I was there for a short visit and loved it. The trip was topped off with this find. I had never seen a black teacup before.   If anyone is looking at my blog and knows anything about this pattern, please let me know.  I would love to find more. 

I went to Bernideen's today during my lunch to spend a gift certificate that my dh gave to me for Christmas.  It took 3 visits for me to decide.  There are soooo many things to ohhh and ahhh over that I had a hard time choosing.  Anyway, I finally decided on some tea accessories (see the tea sponge on the left?)  The bird almost matches the pot perfectly.   The tea set was purchased at Bernideen's last year, and come to think of it, so was the miniature in front, a couple of years ago.   I also purchased a book, "A little book of manners", a tea strainer and a spoon with a teacup on it.  It is such a fun store.  

I've finally put the last of the Christmas decorations away and have begun the valentine transformation.  These beautiful pink cups from the Czech Republic were given to me several years ago by a very dear friend who went to preach a revival in our church there.  These I've not actually used.  I'm a little afraid to chip them.  I think I'd better get over that and go ahead and use them, just once, at least.  Hmmm, I could have strawberry tea in one of these.